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Fundamental Health with Paul Saladino, MD

Oct 8, 2021

I don't have kids and I would never tell parents how to feed their children, but I get asked this question quite a bit and thought I would offer my ideas about how I might feed my kids in the future, and how I've recommended my sister feed my niece and nephew. 
The short answer to this question is that kids can absolutely eat an Animal Based diet, and that doing so will avoid SO MUCH consternation at the dinner table when parents realize they don't have to force their children to eat vegetables. 
As I discuss in this video, when presented with unprocessed food children naturally select meat, organs, and fruit for the majority of their diets...
Anyone with children probably already knows this. It's not hard to get kids to eat fresh fruit, or well prepared (not burned!) hamburger, etc.. but vegetables must be hidden in other foods (like eggs), or covered in sauces like ketchup (which has a ton of sugar)... 
I know there will be someone in this thread who says "my kid loves vegetables!" to which I would ask- how much have you modeled this behavior for them and how many sauces are you putting on these?
I discuss a study in this video in which 6-11 month old children had no modeling of food behaviors but were allowed to self-select and they consistently went for animal foods (including organs!) and fruit. 
If you don't think there's any way your kids would eat organs, consider opening a capsule or two of one of our supplements like Beef Organs from @heartandsoilsupplements over their food or mixing with applesauce etc... 
If you catch them early, kids will definitely self-select organs but once a child have moved beyond a year or so without being exposed to these it's much less likely- this is where the desiccated organs can be great!
Healthy parents- healthy kids. #theremembering