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Fundamental Health with Paul Saladino, MD

Oct 22, 2021

Sleep is business. Plain and simple.

Other than optimizing my food, there is nothing I have found to be more beneficial to my performance every day than optimizing my sleep.

This means I don't mess around with these tenets...

Light on my skin and eyes and grounding (usually through surfing) first thing in the am...

I don't wear sunglasses, ever. I also don't wear contacts in my eyes during the day.

10 hour feeding window, strictly adhered to. First bite of food 630am, last bite at 430pm. You know what I eat: #Animalbased

Red light in the house at night, all of them. Yes I am a lizard. All devices red screens after dark (Iris, etc). Firelight if I can.

No electronics 1 hour before bed. Read a book, meditate, etc.. I do not watch TV. Ever.

Cool dark room, cooling pad on bed, consistent bedtime (845-915pm).

What does your nighttime routine look like?