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Fundamental Health with Paul Saladino, MD

Dec 18, 2020

In short, yes (as long as you tolerate it)!


Milk, yogurt, butter, ghee and colostrum are amazing sources of nutrients that have been highly valued by many indigenous groups for millenia. Dairy has a long tradition in Northern Europe, and among hunter-gatherer groups like the Maasai, or historically among groups like the Mongols (think warriors whose diets were basically milk, meat, and organs). 


Dairy isn’t for everyone, and some may have issues with lactose (a deficiency on the lactase enzyme), or the casein and whey proteins within it. Personally I can’t tolerate dairy, but I am incredibly jealous of all of you who can because it’s delicious and nutrient-rch. 

In this controversial thoughts video I discuss evidence linking dairy with cancer (most observational studies suggest an inverse correlation, i.e. higher intakes are associated with better outcomes), most of which suggests dairy is totally safe. I also discuss colostrum (the immunoglobulin-rich first milk from mammals) in detail. This stuff is chocked FULL of unique peptides, immunoglobulins, and growth factors that aid in gut healing, wound healing, and immune fortification. 


Colostrum has even been studied in comparison to flu vaccinations in small studies and found to be just as effective at preventing influenza. More research is needed here but the findings from at least two studies are intriguing. 


If you have questions about dairy in your diet, this video is for you! #theremembering