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Fundamental Health with Paul Saladino, MD

Nov 27, 2022

On this week’s podcast, Paul sits down with former football player, retired American professional mixed martial artist, former Director of Human Optimization at Onnit and host of The Kyle Kingsbury Podcast, Kyle Kingsbury. They do a a deep dive into ideals that Paul is passionate about, and Kyle interviews Paul about the truth behind seed oils, cholesterol, weight loss, and more controversial topics.

A note from Paul: Throughout my training and practice as a physician I have come to one very disappointing conclusion:  Western medicine isn’t helping people lead better lives. Now that I’ve realized this, I’ve become obsessed with understanding what makes us healthy or ill. I want to live the best life I can and I want to be able to share this knowledge with others so that they can do the same. This podcast is the result of my relentless search to understand the roots of chronic disease. If you want to know how to live the most radical life possible I hope you’ll join me on this journey.

Time Stamps:

00:07:37 Podcast begins

00:18:42 The benefits of cholesterol 

00:24:22 Paul’s LDL while eating a Carnivore diet

00:28:57 Honey versus processed sugar

00:37:07 Thoughts on satiety & linoleic acid/HNE

00:48:27 Seed oils and endogenous cannabinoids

01:09:22 The connection between seed oils & cardiovascular disease/macular degeneration?

01:21:57 Detoxing seed oils and HNE

01:23:57 Thoughts on alcohol and tobacco

01:32:07 Creating an intentional environment

01:34:27 What causes insulin resistance?

01:38:22 Thoughts on carbohydrates and insulin resistance

01:43:57 Are some seed oils/fats better than others?

01:55:27 Wrapping things up


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