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Fundamental Health with Paul Saladino, MD

Apr 5, 2022

Derek began his career in his early twenties as a blogger. His site with a few viewers collections was established in 2016 when he started helping people (especially men) with fitness. He stepped into the year 2017 with the collaborative initiation of Gorilla Mind, a company that sold supplements for workouts. The business studies graduate has perfectly employed himself with his inspirational ideas for fitness. Similarly, the young entrepreneur also owns a clinic named Marek Health, which has been selling hormonal products for hair loss, erectile dysfunction, weight loss, thyroid problem, and other similar things.

Time Stamps:

00:09:03 Why did Paul move to Costa Rica?

00:11:08 Building out Heart & Soil and how the supplements are made

00:15:17 Descending order of priority of organ meats

00:18:22 Risk of foodborne illness with raw organs

00:25:33 Should I eat my organ meats raw or cooked?

00:35:11 Paul’s backstory: medical school, his previous raw vegan diet, and social media

00:39:03 Can you build muscle on a vegan diet?

00:44:03 Paul’s history with eczema and asthma

00:50:13 Eating muscle meat only versus eating muscle meat and organs

00:52:13 Paul’s philosophy shift from advocating for a no carb diet to adding back in fruit and honey and SHBG levels

00:59:03 Sympathetic responses from a ketogenic diet

1:02:53 Insulin resistance and food combining

1:06:13 Linoleic acid and seed oils in a caloric deficit 

1:14:10 Paul’s daily routine, workflow and productivity blocks

1:17:30 Psychological penalty of certain foods and alcohol

1:18:08 Paul’s sleep hygiene

1:22:23 Intermittent fasting and eating windows

1:25:53 Thoughts on EMF and Wifi

1:30:03 Paul’s relationship + collaboration with Liver King

1:34:13 Plant compounds for medicinal purposes

1:44:25 Paul’s thoughts on NAD and insulin resistance

1:47:13 Paul’s thoughts on Metaformin

1:54:03 Reversal + treatment of diabetes

2:03:33 Healing alopecia areata through diet changes

2:07:15 Why do some people get autoimmune issues, and some don’t?

2:28:33 Paul’s thoughts on LDL cholesterol and what to look for in terms of risk factors for heart disease

2:44:03 Benefits of fruit and fresh versus frozen 

2:48:03 Where to get all vitamins on an animal based diet

2:50:03 How does Paul get the highest quality water?

2:52:42 Paul’s thoughts on biohacking

2:54:48 How can people hit high-carbohydrate needs or build muscle on an animal based diet

2:58:48 Paul’s thoughts on specific cases of high LDL


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