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Fundamental Health with Paul Saladino, MD

Oct 29, 2019

Nathan Owens joins me again for this action packed episode. I’ll be doing one AMA per month or so in the future! 


Time stamps: 

9.45 Start of Podcast

10:25 Nathan's unifying theory of heart disease. 

12:05 Gut health and heart disease.

14:50 What about the arteries suggested LDL was not the cause of disease?

15:30 Cholesterol ester crystals.

16:30 Endothelial progenitor cells 

19:15 Citizen Science Foundation.

21:15 What are the biggest factors that lead to atherosclerosis?

22:42 Survey of metabolic dysfunction (America).

25:25 Game changers: Were gladiators vegan?

26:45 Game changers: Inaccurate epidemiology.

35:05 Game Changers: Flow mediated dilatation.

41:05 Game Changers: Flow mediated dilatation experiments

 53:42 Game Changers: Neu5gc.

1:02:33 Is iron overload a problem with a carnivore diet?

1:12:35 Paul's upcoming book.

1:19:15 Microbiome and the carnivore diet.

1:25:15 Potassium/sodium supplementation.

1:35:25 Marty Kendall nutrient optimizer rebuttal. 

1:50:15 Carnivore diet and gallstones.

1:54:30 Thoughts on "other" foods (mushrooms, honey, seaweed, insects).

1:59:35 Fueling recommendations for long distance bike rides.

2:01:40 Testosterone levels on a carnivore diet.




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