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Fundamental Health with Paul Saladino, MD

Dec 21, 2021

Diana Rodgers is a registered dietitian, author and the director of Sacred Cow: The Case for (Better) Meat. She's the co-host of the Sustainable Dish Podcast and speaks internationally about the intersection of diet, sustainability and ethical food systems. She resides in the Boston area.

Time Stamps:

0:09:30 Why does the midwest have three feet of top soil? The importance of ruminant animals on grasslands

0:14:00 Why is chicken and pork much worse than cattle in the US? And Why do we think these animals are "healthier?"

0:17:20 What does "sustainable" eating really mean?

0:21:00 Does cattle really require loads of water?

0:27:00 How can we use the land for multiple purposes?

0:31:30 We do not have a calorie problem, we have a protein problem

0:34:50 Why are animals always the ones to blame? Is this a political discussion?

0:41:00 Thoughts on Bill Gates purchasing land in the United States

0:44:30 Grass-finished beef and scalability of properly raised animals. Is it possible to grass-finish all beef in the US?

0:52:30 Why are farmers are being paid to not graze part of their land?

1:02:30 How can we feed many billions of people on the planet with grass-fed ruminant animals? Are we going to hit capacity one day?

1:10:45 The truth about green-house gasses and what carbon dioxide does in the atmosphere

1:21:00 Where to find more of Diana's work



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