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Fundamental Health with Paul Saladino, MD

Oct 22, 2019

I've always found anthropological questions regarding human origins and hunting practices to be fascinating. Happy to have been able to talk to paleo anthropologist Miki Ben-Dor to dig into many of these issues. 


Time Stamps:


9:00 Start of Podcast.

9:52 Miki's background.

16:00 Where humans come from/context of human evolution.

21:00 Homo Erectus vs. Australopithecus diet.

28:00 Change in species availability (change from hunting megafauna to smaller animals).

32:00 Humans as hypercarnivores.

35:00 Contemporary hunter gatherer groups (the Hazda).

37:50 Iron vs. stone tools.

47:30 Hunting and Human evolution.

52:00 Neanderthals as high-trophic carnivores (nitrogen studies).

58:00 Hazda diet and health.

1:02:00 Cultural symbolism of "fat"

1:10:21 Transition from primates to humans.

1:15:00 Group hunting tactics by Homo Sapiens.

1:20:50 Shrinking brain size due to onset of agriculture.

Miki's contacts: 

twitter: @bendormiki




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