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Fundamental Health with Paul Saladino, MD

Apr 14, 2020

How coronavirus kills “healthy” people, with Cate Shanahan, M.D. 


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Dr. Cate Shanahan is a board certified Family Physician. Her expertise is diet-driven disease, specifically the twin roles of PUFAs and sugar in promoting weight gain, insulin resistance, prediabetes and other common diet-driven conditions. Her passion is educational programs that improve productivity & reduce employer healthcare costs by cultivating healthy habits at the individual and organization-wide levels.


After getting her BS in biology from Rutgers University, she trained in biochemistry and genetics at Cornell University’s graduate school before attending Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. She practiced in Hawaii for ten years where she studied ethnobotany and her healthiest patient’s culinary habits. She applied her learning and experiences in all these scientific fields to write Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food. Together with Dr. Tim DiFrancesco and NBA legend Gary Vitti, she created the PRO Nutrition program for the LA Lakers and  helped forge a partnership between Whole Foods Market and numerous NBA teams. In May of 2018 she begin  Director of Metabolic Health for ABC Fine Wine and Spirits, a progressive, family run company interested in saving money by betterment of health.


Time Stamps:

  • 10:24 How do we move forward with the Coronavirus crisis
  • 14:29 Update on Coronavirus numbers.
  • 15:44 What is a Coronavirus and how does it affect us?
  • 18:54 How can ACE Inhibitors and Angiotensin receptor blockers affect those with Covid19?
  • 25:23 Would Stephen recommend taking these medications?
  • 30:03 Are healthy people at risk for this virus?
  • 34:29 How do we define healthy?
  • 38:39 Data on comorbidities and other studies.
  • 46:37 Acute hyperglycemia and insulin resistance’s effect on the immune system.
  • 51:51 Blood glucose levels?
  • 56:59 Immune dysfunction in patients with Diabetes Melitus
  • 57:54 The immune response in people with Diabetes.
  • 1:01:51 Insulin receptor mediated stimulation and T cells.
  • 1:03:39 Does insulin resistance impede our ability to fight a virus?
  • 1:05:29 studies (continued)
  • 1:07:19 Pop Sugar article on obesity.
  • 1:09:03 The role of cholesterol in the immune system/role of fatty acid in defending against viruses
  • 1:18:03 Statins and the immune system
  • 1:32:13 Where to find Stephen’s work?
  • 1:32:49 What is the most radical thing Stephen has done recently?

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