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Fundamental Health with Paul Saladino, MD

Dec 14, 2021

Robert is a digitally fluent finance and operations executive (CEO/CFO/COO/CIO) with broad spectrum leadership experience across the enterprise tech, consumer tech, corporate finance, international M&A, tax strategy, wealth management, Bitcoin, and crypto asset domains. Robert holds a Bachelors of Science in Accounting and Finance and a Master’s Degree in Accounting from the University of Tennessee Haslam College of Business. His mission in life is to maximize freedom for humanity.


Time stamps:

0:09:40 Podcast begins; who is Robert Breedlove?

0:14:15 What is a central bank, and why should we be worried about this?

0:21:25 How bad is inflation right now, really?

0:28:10 Why does Bitcoin change the narrative?

0:33:55 Does Bitcoin (a digital technology) actually have value?

0:37:25 What if the government makes cryptocurrency 'illegal?' 

0:48:15 Will the US Dollar go to zero? And will it happen in our lifetime?

0:51:40 How is bitcoin different from everything else?

0:57:10 What will the world look like when the US dollar collapses?

1:00:25 Where to find more of Robert



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