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Fundamental Health with Paul Saladino, MD

Nov 30, 2021

What is a species appropriate human diet?

In this week’s episode of The Fundamental Health podcast Nick Bare interviews me and we dive deep into many of my nutritional ideas that buck the norm….

Meat and organs are the best foods for humans on the planet…

They don’t cause cancer, and can be raised in ways that nourish the ecosystems and the environment…

Contrary to what we have been told, vegetables are not entirely benign and come with many plant defense chemicals….

For many people, eliminating vegetables (leaves, stems, roots, seeds) improves gut issues, mood, skin issues, sleep, and body composition…

The least toxic part of plants are fruit, the sugars found within these in a food matrix do not cause insulin resistance/ metabolic dysfunction…

Honey is sought around the world and has many benefits…

For those who tolerate dairy, raw milk and cheese are also incredibly nutritious…

Organs, meat, fruit, honey- this is a #carnivoreish diet aka an #animalbased diet. 

Welcome to #theremembering 


Time Stamps:

0:09:50 Podcast begins

0:12:00 Recounting my need for new food framework 

0:21:35 Going all-in with the carnivore diet

0:23:34 The big keto fallacy

0:26:55 The value of carbohydrates in the human diet

0:34:57 Issues with long-term keto, gas, glucose, and insulin

0:41:17 My experience going raw vegan

0:42:46 How I approach fruit, honey, and the plant toxicity spectrum 

0:46:39 What is fruit.. really?

0:47:22 How I structure my daily meals

0:55:05 The power of organ meats

1:07:45 Food quality and tracking calories

1:09:20 Gut health, vegetables, and plant-based diets

1:18:42 Butyrate, short chain fatty acids, and fiber

1:21:53 This diet is more than bacon, steak, and eggs

1:27:13 The importance of eating meat fat

1:38:15 Issues that I have seen patients come in with and how diet can improve those issues

1:43:30 My take on 'The Gamechangers' film

1:57:39 The first step I take with new patients

2:00:08 Linoleic acid and what type of meat I eat

2:05:00 How do I eat out?

2:11:36 Roam ranch and soil regeneration 

2:13:19 Big takeaways from this episode



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