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Fundamental Health with Paul Saladino, MD

Jun 2, 2020

The second edition of The Carnivore Code (new cover and index!) is available for pre-order now! release date is August 4th 2020 in ebook, print, and audiobook formats. 

In this episode of the podcast I review my recent CGM (continuous glucose monitor data) from 3 weeks of recording with Kara, a dietician from These guys were kind enough to provide me with CGMs for this experiment but this is not a sponsored episode. I strongly believe that getting a CGM from any company will provide you with tons of data you can leverage in the future toward better health. If you want to check out Nutrisense, the company I used, you can find them at and use CarnivoreMD as a promo code for some $ off your CGM direct to consumer (no prescription needed). 

Time Stamps: 


  • 11:46 Start of the podcast
  • 13:16 What is a CGM?
  • 16:36 Glycemic variability and Coronavirus outcomes. 
  • 23:51 You can't out exercise a bad diet 
  • 28:19 "Secret killers"
  • 30:06 Risks for metabolic dysfunction 
  • 31:30 interpreting glucose monitor readings. 
  • 35:36 Hemaglobin A1C 
  • 42:09 Glycemic response/post-prandial reactions.
  • 49:46 Insulin requirements.
  • 52:36 Do carbohydrates cause diabetes? 
  • 59:01 Glucose level fluctuations.
  • 1:03:06 Demonization of carbohydrates. 
  • 1:07:51 Mainstream carbohydrate recommendations. 
  • 1:10:06 Paul’s CGM data.
  • 1:19:36 High glucose levels and sleep quality. 
  • 1:20:46 Pauls CGM data (continued) 
  • 1:34:46 Downside of long term ketogenic diets.
  • 1:43:31 CGM data from other people. 
  • 1:53:36 Benefits of honey.
  • 1:57:11 Is Fiber good for you? 
  • 2:07:12 Data over dogma.
  • 2:08:56 What Kara's diet is like.
  • 2:10:26 Differences by ethnicity.
  • 2:12:16 Paul's real time CGM data.
  • 2:14:04 The most radical thing Kara has done recently.


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